Wood Carving in Progress – Myriorama

Some of my woodcarvings can take a couple of years to complete and included in the Galleries on the web site www.jawoodsculptor.co.uk, It seems a pity not to show the early stages somewhere such as the blog.

I am currently working on 2 projects – a Myriorama and Daily Journeys

Myriorama is described by Wikipedia as
Myriorama originally meant a set of illustrated cards which 19th century children could arrange and re-arrange, forming different pictures. Later in the century the name was also applied to shows using a sequence of impressive visual effects to entertain and inform an audience. The word myriorama was invented to mean myriad pictures, following the model of panorama, diorama, cosmorama and other novelties.”
I first heard of it at a Todmorden U3A talk on Tristram Shandy when we were shown 12 cards which can be viewed in any order


These drawn pics of 4 cards are part of a set of 12. Because the ground level, horizon, and the 2 sides of the water feature meet the side of the card at the same height, all the cards are interchangeable. Hence the 2 pics showing the cards in a different order.

My wooden version has 12 tiles, one of which has a handle so it can be removed so that the other tiles can be moved up and down, and from side to side. Again 2 pics showing this. I took some maple floor boards that came with tongue and groove, cut them into square tiles, added tongue and grooves to the newly cut sides, and fitted them into a T & G frame. On each side I had 2 points in exactly the same position. I connected the points across the tile in as many different ways as possible. That sounds easy?? Just getting the tiles to slide easily within the frame and besides each other was frustrating . The Lancashire and Cheshire Woodcarvers club had just had a talk by chip carver who made that sort of work more interesting than I thought, and I used his techniques for the grooves. I intend to gild them so that the grooves of connection are more visible and use more of the chip carving techniques to add interest to the tiles.

26th Nov 2019. Finally finished it. Gilded and extra chip carving.






The tiles with the extra chip carving

















































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