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A Myriorama is defined as “A picture made up of interchangeable parts which can be harmoniously arranged to form a great variety of picturesque scenes”. The parts are usually fragments of landscapes on cards.” I was introduced to the concept at a Todmorden U3A meeting where we were shown an example

4 cards of a set of 12




Same 4 cards in a different order
















They were very popular in Victorian times.

At about the same time the Lancashire and Cheshire Woodcarvers had a  demonstration by a chip carving expert Murray Taylor. I had had a day chip carving in USA in 1999 and not been impressed, and Murray’s work changed my conceptions. I put the two together and designed apiece of work loosely based on one of those toys we had before computers and even the Rubicons Cube. They were a square frame containing small tiles that can be arranged into a picture. My tiles would have connection points on each side of the tile so that they could be connected in a Myriorama way. Inside each tile, I joined the connection points in different ways

Myriorama carving showing connections gilded, and the toy the work is based on. The tile with the knob in the middle can be removed to allow the others to move















Some of the tiles looked a bit bare, so I decorated them with more chip carving















The diamond shapes have curved edges which match the curvature of the gilded link lines
The curvature of the inside cuts is based on the gilded connection lines














Again following the gilded connection lines













Running out of ideas for decoration













Again following the lines of the gilded connection lines













Just playing with standard chip carving cuts













More of following the gilded connection lines
























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