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Humber Peatlands

Natural England asked me to carve some flora and fauna that had colonised old coal workings using timber found on site. The adder was from a 6ft log and took full advantage of a side branch to make the head. The Bog Cotton was quite a challenge as I could not find any pictures of seed head before it produced the cotton. I tried Google and the books and friends but eventually, the Kew Gardens sent me a picture. The Large Heath Butterfly was no problem, the Crested Grebe was just fun to do, and the Dragonfly was simple once I had found out how many segments there were in the body. However, the Nightjar pictures are a nightmare. They have such wonderful camouflage that it is difficult to see the outline of the bird.

John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Hatfield01










John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Hatfield02
Bog Cotton













John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Hatfield04











John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Hatfield05
Crested Grebes














John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Hatfield06
Night Jar



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