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Fyfe Dragon

Ocean Refit of Majorca were rebuilding a 120 year old William Fyfe yacht. Fyfe of Fairlie on The Firth of Clyde built yachts that sailed in the America’s Cup. He Had adopted a stylized Chinese dragon as his trademark. I was asked to carve a dragon based on the 2D design in 3D out of a length of oak that had been under the engine for 80 years. The wood was very black from engine oil, and had natural splits, man made holes for bolts,and the odd copper nail and brass screw. The wood was surprisingly good except for the drilled holes that needed to be filled. The Bronze tongue was made by Gregory Ryan, Sculptor in Paris, and assembled in Majorca. Quite an international effort.

John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Fyfe Dragon01
Fyfe Dragon – Original Logo









John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Fyfe Dragon02
Fyfe Dragon – Finished Sculpture



John Adamson - Wood Sculptor: Fyfe Dragon03
Fyfe Dragon – Finished Sculpture

























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