Peter Crouch Carving of Head

On Friday the 9th October, I got an email from Sony TV saying that they had seen pictures of my Sean Dyche carving and asking could I carve Peter Crouch.      They were interviewing Sean Dyche on Monday 21st and wanted the carving of Peter for the show.    Quickly calculating that I had 9 days to do the work, I said YES.   Link to Sean Dyche carving 

Time scale

9 days soon became 3!   I looked up Peter Crouch on Google and there were lots of pictures of him but no straight on front or side views.      I asked Sony TV for some which arrived midday on Monday 14th, so there was 3 days lost.   I had a booked coach trip to Thirsk on the Tuesday, so another day gone .   A speaking engagement on Saturday the 19th was another day lost, and they were sending a courier at 10 am on Sunday 20th.

I worked flat out on the project, and late into the night, but had to take breaks away, to rest my back and get all my marbles in my head in a straight line.     One really needs to be concentrating on carving a portrait.   The slightest slip can ruin the piece as wood cannot be stuck back on.

I was still working on it at 8.30am on Sunday.   I then constructed a box for it, sealed the box securely, and realised I had no taken any photos.     I was not thinking straight, but no damage to the work, only more time sealing the box again.











Hair Design

A celebrity will never have a photograph of the back of his head taken, so I felt free to invent my own hair style for the carving, taking into account the unruliness of his hair.    I chose a style that followed the lines of the grain of the wood.










The TV Program

I made enquires about getting a copy of the program.   To put it mildly, I was extremely disappointed to get this reply on the following Wednesday :-

Hope you’re well. Just wanted to check in and say that unfortunately the carving didn’t make the final show. Everyone thought it was great but we sadly ran out of time so had to drop the item.   

Thank you for your efforts though and I appreciate your quick turnaround for us.

Who ever said the life of an artist was easy

I do hope that they intend to pay me.   They did pay!!!

15 Minutes of Fame

Must be my moment for fame.   The Guardian published an article on Burnley FC on Sat 26th Oct 19 which included a picture of my Sean Dyche carving.     Pity they did not include my name and about  the bilious green of the carved face.    But it is in a national paper, so I have my 15 minutes, or perhaps 15 seconds of fame




Picture from the Guardian on 26th Oct 2019

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Sean-Dyche-with-painted-beard.jpg










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