A Myriorama is defined as “A picture made up of interchangeable parts which can be harmoniously arranged to form a great variety of picturesque scenes. The parts are usually fragments of landscapes on cards.” I was introduced to the concept at a Todmorden U3A meeting where we were shown an example.    They were very popular in Victorian times.

At about the same time the Lancashire and Cheshire Woodcarvers had a demonstration by a chip carving expert Murray Taylor. I had had a day chip carving in the USA in 1999 and had not been impressed, and Murray’s work changed my conceptions. I put the two together and designed apiece of work loosely based on one of those toys we had before computers and even the Rubicons Cube. They were a square frame containing small tiles that can be arranged into a picture. My tiles would have connection points on each side of the tile so that they could be connected in a Myriorama way. Inside each tile, I joined the connection points in different ways.

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