Darby & Joan Misericord

I exhibited this carving as part of the Yorkshire Sculptors group show, ‘Within the Sublime’ in York Minster from July 18, 2005, to 2 September 2005. The brief was something to fit the title and setting.

A Misericord is:

A ledge projecting from the underside of the hinged seat of a choir stall in a church on which the occupant can support themself while standing.”

– Collins English Dictionary

As these carvings were not seen in everyday use, the workmen were allowed to choose the subject matter, and they often made free with this liberty. They were often irreligious, even scurrilous subjects, poking fun at those in authority. I hope that mine follows in this tradition and pokes fun at the normal interpretation of Darby and Joan as a loving couple.

Info:Pitch Pine: Height 12 inches