Bat Eared Boxer
T his carving was made in response to a dare. The original owners of the wood, a carver and her wood turning husband had given up on it. I was challenged to do something with it or. As I do with all my problem bits of wood, I put it on the floor of my workshop and tried to ignore it. Of course, I kept on tripping over it, and each time I had to move it, was another chance to see it again and in a different light. Eventually, inspiration strikes or the piece of wood find a corner where it is not in the way.

I finally saw that if I removed the branch A (click the image above) I would have a fairly symmetrical piece of wood, with B and B being the ears and C the snout. I had an animal that could be either a dog or a pig. I chose a dog as I am more familiar with their shape, and invented of a breed that Cruft’s probably do not recognise, the Bat Eared Boxer but we are working on it.