Talks & Demonstrations

Chainsaw Carving Demonstration

A two hour talk and demonstration with an electric chain saw. Needs electricity and a sweepable floor covering. I will produce a carved head at least partly with a chain saw, although some delicate areas will be carved with hand tools.

History of Carving

A one to two hour talk tracing the history of woodcarving from 100,000 years ago through the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, the Dark Ages, Medieval, and the Renaissance, to modern times of Grinling Gibbons, Henry Moore

The Line between Art and Craft

A one to two hour talk exploring the ill defined line between Art and Craft. This line is easier to see when discussing sculpture rather than painting. I reach a tentative definition which is open to question

Woodcarvers Passion

A one to two hour talk exploring what inspires me to carve in my style, and where that
style came from

Sculptor's Progress

A one to two hour talk exploring my personal voyage through sculpture
and carving.

As an Artist Sees

A one to two hour talk exploring The differences between how painters and sculptors see, and how this is reflected in their approach to Art Appreciation